Top 6 Super Foods for healthy hair.

Top 6 Super Foods for healthy hair..

Both men and women desire to have beautiful ,healthy hair,but few are lucky enough to be able to take their hair's health for granted. Remember that hair is a fast growing tissue and what you eat can make a huge difference in your hair's health.

Here are the 6 superfoods for healthy hair

1. SALMON: By including salmon in your diet,You can enjoy shiny hair as well as better hair growth.You can have backed, grilled or smoked salmon depending upon which you prefer to eat..

2. EGGS: Try to eat one egg daily or Every other can eat scrambled eggs, fried eggs, or boiled eggs depending upon your preference...

3. ALMONDS: Keep a small bag of dry roasted almonds with you and eat them as snacks wherever u feel hungry.You can also soak two or three almonds in one half cup of water overnight in the morning peel the skin and eat them..

4. BROCCOLI: To take full advantages of nutrients presents in broccoli,eat raw broccoli heads as a snack or in salad three or four times a week.

5. QUINOA: Quinoa has a nutty, earthy flavor and is great in stews and is also perfect for adding salad to baked goods.

6. KIDNEY BEANS: Kidney beans can be added to salads,casseroles and side dishes.You can also puree them into dips and spreads..

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